Working Papers

436 Africans in the American Labor Market

Irma Elo, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Romeo Gansey, Duncan Thomas, December 2014

434 Extended Families and Child Well-being

Daniel LaFave, Duncan Thomas, November 2014

432 Exporting and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Trial

David Atkin, Amit Khandelwal, Adam Osman, November 2014

431 What Are the Headwaters of Formal Savings? Experimental Evidence from Sri Lanka

Michael Callen, Suresh de Mel, Craig McIntosh, Christopher Woodruff, November 2014

430 Saving for a (not so) Rainy Day:A Randomized Evaluation of Savings Groups in Mali

Lori Beaman, Dean Karlan, Bram Thuysbaert, October 2014

429 The Future in Mind: Aspirations and Forward-looking Behaviour in Rural Ethiopia

Tanguy Bernard, Stefan Dercon, Kate Orkin, Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse, September 2014

427 (Measured) Profit is Not Welfare: Evidence from an Experiment on Bundling Microcredit and Insurance

Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee, Richard Hornbeck, August 2014

426 The Effects of Mortality on Fertility: Population Dynamics after a Natural Disaster

Jenna Nobles, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Duncan Thomas, August 2014

425 Gossip: Identifying Central Individuals in a Social Network

Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Matthew O. Jackson, August 2014

424 Making Progress on Foreign Aid

Nancy Qian, August 2014

423 The Roots of Gender Inequality in Developing Countries

Seema Jayachandran, August 2014

422 Self‐Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali

Dean S. Karlan, Lori Beaman, Bram Thuysbaert, Christopher Udry, May 2014

421 Fertility Decline and Missing Women

Seema Jayachandran, June 2014