Working Papers

421 Fertility Decline and Missing Women

Seema Jayachandran, June 2014

420 The Price of Empowerment: Experimental Evidence on Land Titling in Tanzania

Daniel Ali Ayalew, Matthew Collin, Klaus Deininger, Stefan Dercon, Justin Sandefur, Andrew Zeitlin, May 2014

418 Prices, Markups and Trade Reform

Jan De Loecker, Pinelopi Goldberg, Amit Khandelwal, Nina Pavcnik, April 2014

416 Estimating the impact of microcredit on those who take it up: Evidence from a randomized experiment in Morocco

Bruno Crepon, Florencia Devoto, Esther Duflo, William Pariente, May 2014

415 Aggregate Fertility and Household Savings: A General Equilibrium Analysis using Micro Data

Abhijit Banerjee, Xin Meng, Tommaso Porzio, Nancy Qian, March 2014

414 The Impact of Vocational Training for the Unemployed: Experimental Evidence from Turkey

Sarojini Hirschleifer, David McKenzie, Rita Almeida, Cristobal Ridao-Cano, March 2014

412 Productivity Response to a Contract Change

Rajshri Jayaraman, Debraj Ray, Francis de Vericourt, January 2014

411 Under the Thumb of History? Political institutions and the Scope for Action

Abhijit V. Banerjee, Esther Duflo, January 2014

409 Rainfall Forecasts, Weather and Wages over the Agricultural Production Cycle

Mark Rosenzweig, Christopher Udry, January 2014

406 Business Literacy and Development: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural Mexico

Gabriela Calderon, Jesse Cunha, Giacomo De Giorgi, December 2013

405 Resetting the Urban Network: 117-2012

Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Rauch, November 2013