Working Papers

487 Banking the Unbanked? Evidence from three countries

Pascaline Dupas, Dean Karlan, Jonathan Robinson, Diego Ubfal, July 2016

486 External Validity in a Stochastic World

Mark Rosenzweig, Christopher Udry, July 2016

484 Does Mass Deworming Affect Child Nutrition? Meta-analysis Cost-Effectiveness, and Statistical Power

Michael Kremer, Kevin Croke, Joan Hamory Hicks, Eric Hsu, Edward Miguel, July 2016

483 Cash for Carbon: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Payments for Ecosystem Services to Reduce Deforestation

Seema Jayachandran, Joost de Laat, Eric F. Lambin, Charlotte Y. Stanton, June 2016

482 Experimental Evidence on the Demand for and Costs of Rural Electrification

Kenneth Lee, Edward Miguel, Catherine Wolfram, May 2016

476 Can Iron-Fortified Salt Control Anemia? Evidence from Two Experiments in Rural Bihar

Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee, Sharon Barnhardt, March 2016

475 Using Preference Estimates to Customize Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan

James Andreoni, Michael Callen, Karrar Hussain Jaffar, Muhammad Yasir Khan, Charles Sprenger, February 2016

474 Flooded Cities

Adriana Kocornik-Mina, Thomas K.J. McDermott, Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Rauch, February 2016

473 Appliance Ownership and Aspirations among Electric Grid and Home Solar Households in Rural Kenya

Kenneth Lee, Edward Miguel, Catherine Wolfram, January 2016