Policy Papers

044 Demand for Information on Environmental Health Risk, Mode of Delivery and Behavioral Change: Evidence from Sonargaon, Bangladesh

Alessandro Tarozzi, Ricardo Maertens, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Alexander van Geen, February 2018

043 Making Progress on Foreign Aid

Nancy Qian, August 2014

042 An African Growth Miracle?

Dani Rodrik, April 2014

040 Economic Transition and Private-Sector Labor Demand: Evidence from Urban China

Lakshmi Iyer, Xin Meng, Nancy Qian, Xiaoxue Zhao, December 2013

038 Targeting ultra-poor households in Honduras and Peru

Dean Karlan, Bram Thuysbaert, November 2013

037 Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism?

Santosh Anagol, Alvin Etang, Dean Karlan, August 2013

035 Land Acquisition and Compensation in Singur: What Really Happened?

Maitreesh Ghatak, Sandip Mitra, Dilip Mookherjee, Anusha Nath, March 2012

032 Offering rainfall insurance to informal insurance groups: evidence from a field experiment in Ethiopia

Stefan Dercon, Ruth Vargas Hill, Daniel Clarke, Ingo Outes-Leon, Alemayehu Seyoum Tafesse, November 2012

031 Hoping to Win, Expected to Lose: Theory and Lessons on Micro Enterprise Development

Dean Karlan, Ryan Knight, Christopher Udry, August 2012

030 The Diffusion of Microfinance

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Matthew O. Jackson, December 2011

029 Women Empowerment and Economic Development

Esther Duflo, November 2011

028 Looking Beyond the Incumbent:The Effects of Exposing Corruption on Electoral Outcomes

Alberto Chong, Dean Karlan, Ana L. De La O, Leonard Wantchekon, November 2011