Eighth BREAD Conference

Sponsored by: Cornell University

Conference location: Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Conference Programme

All sessions will be held in ILR Conference Center Room 225, Cornell University.

May 5, Friday

12-1 Eric Edmonds, Nina Pavcnik and Petia Topalova, "Trade Liberalization, Child Labor, and Schooling: Evidence from India"


1-1.30 Pick up lunch boxes for next session


1.30-2.30 Richard Akresh, "Understanding Pareto Inefficient Intrahousehold Allocations"


2.30-3 Break


3-4 David McKenzie, John Gibson, and Steven Stillman, "How Important is Selection? Experimental versus Non-Experimental Measures of the Income Gains from Migration"


4-4.30 Break


4.30-5.30 Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole, "Incentives and Prosocial Behavior"


May 6, Saturday


9-10 Orazio P. Attanasio and Christine Frayne, "Do the Poor Pay More?"


10-11 Marianne Bertrand, Simon Djankov, Rema Hanna and Sundhil Mullainathan, "Does Corruption Produce Unsafe Drivers?"


11-11.30 Break


11.30-12.30 Erik Bloom, Indu Bhushan, David Clingingsmith, Rathavuth Hong, Elizabeth King, Michael Kremer, Benjamin Loevinsohn and J. Brad Schwartz, "Contracting for Health: Evidence from Cambodia"


12.30-1.30 Lunch


1.30-2.30 Dean Yang, "Coping with Disaster: The Impact of Hurricanes on International Financial Flows, 1970-2002"



Call for Papers:

The Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) will host its Eighth BREAD conference on May 5 - 6, 2006. You are invited to submit a paper for the conference. The deadline for submissions  is February 28, 2006.

Please submit your papers via email to BREAD@lse.ac.uk

While all papers presented at the conference will be selected through this open submissions process, please note that we will have time for a very small number of presentations. The conference lasts only 2 days, there will be no parallel sessions, and we plan to leave ample time for discussion.

The program will be chosen by Kaushik Basu (Cornell) and Ted Miguel (Berkeley).

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