Twenty-Fourth BREAD Conference

Joint BREAD/World Bank

Conference on Development in sub-Saharan Africa

The World Bank, Washington DC

March 1-2, 2013

Conference Papers

The following papers have been selected for presentation at the conference. The conference schedule will be posted closer to the conference date.

          Remi Jedwab (Department of Economics, George Washington University)
               Why is African Urbanization Different? Evidence from Resource Exports in Ghana and
               Ivory Coast

          Pamela Jakiela (University of Maryland) and Owen Ozier (The World Bank)
               Does Africa Need a Rotten Kin Theorem? Experimental Evidence from Village Economies

          Joachim De Weerdt (Economic Development Initiatives, Tanzania) and Kalle Hirvonen
          (University of Sussex)

               Rish Sharing and Internal Migration

          Fernando Aragon (Simon Fraser University) and Juan Pablo Rud (Royal Holloway)
               Mining, Pollution and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Ghana

          Ariel Ben Yishay (University of New South Wales) and A Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale)
               Communicating with Farmers through Social Networks

          Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton), Natalija Novta (NYU) and Marko Klasnja (NYU)
               Education and Human Capital Externalities: Evidence from Colonial Benin

          Rachid Laajaj (Paris School of Economics INRA)
               Closing the Eyes on a Gloomy Future: Psychological Causes and Economic Consequences

CALL FOR PAPERS: joint BREAD/World Bank CONFERENCE on Development in sub-Saharan Afrrica, March 1-2, 2013

The Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) and the World Bank are pleased to announce a joint conference on Development in sub-Saharan Africa, to be hosted by the World Bank on March 1-2 2013.

You are invited to submit a paper for the conference. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2012. Submissions are encouraged on all topics related to development in the African continent, broadly defined.
Please submit your papers at :

The scientific committee for this conference comprises Shanta Devarajan, Markus Goldstein, Michael Kremer and David McKenzie. All papers presented at the conference will be selected through this open submission process. Please note that there will be time for only a very small number of presentations. The conference lasts about a day and a half, there are no parallel sessions, and ample time is allowed for discussion of the research during the presentations. Travel and hotel expenses will be covered for one author per paper presented in the conference.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Scientific committee members click here